Our Approach - London based creative design agency


Whether we’re creating packaging for a leading brand or
developing an identity system for a start-up company, the
stronger your brand, the more successful your business will be.

By communicating clearly with your customer you can build
loyalty, fend off competition, charge a premium and ultimately
make more profit. Here’s how we can help your brand do
that and more.


Leading brands focus on evoking specific emotions across their communications, because as consumers, we all ‘feel’ before we ‘think’. Coca-Cola don’t sell sweetened, carbonated water, they sell ‘happiness’. They’re not the market leader just because of their physical product.

This type of creative thinking usually originates at large agencies with appropriately large fees. At the other end of the scale, boutique agencies often answer briefs with ‘boutique thinking’. We’re different. Colt think bigger with a strategic, emotion-based approach that can be tailored to fit your budget. Our work provokes a response, creates perceptions or can even change them.


Consumers are bombarded by brands on an ever-changing variety of platforms, so messaging needs to be focussed on what really differentiates your offer from others. We work with businesses across various sectors, from restaurants to fashion labels, but packaging is always a unique challenge. The retail environment is a ruthless proving ground. When there are only seconds to capture a customer’s attention, only strong brands survive.

It’s in this arena that your brand has to be at its most distinct. Together, we have to encapsulate everything your brand stands for so that it will fly off the shelf. This is where our work really has to ‘work’ and we earn our stripes.