West Berkshire Brewery are a successful small, local brewery,
but their existing packaging made them look like just that.
Our brief was to to give their range of craft products a more
premium feel that better reflected the quality of their award-
winning ales - and their standing with pub goers and beer
aficionados alike.


Our first call was to experienced icon generating
machine, Chris Mitchell. The brewery had used
a ‘Gobbin Quaffer’ icon over the years but it had
never been produced to a high standard. Once
we established this key asset we began working
on the brewery’s lead product, the award winning
‘Good Old Boy’. Its DNA would then form the
template for each of the following products while
it was decided that the strapline ‘Real Character’
would define the range and WBBs wider offer.



Positive Logo

Negative Logo

Colour Palette

Positive Icon

Negative Icon

Primary Typeface

Secondary Typeface

Supporting Typeface


Brand asset 1

Brand asset 2

Brand asset 3


The new brand establishes WBB as a bigger
player, enabling them to compete nationwide,
beyond the more emotional local level they
were functioning at previously. Packaging now
feels premium, brand-led and has real stand-out,
while collateral follows a strict set of guidelines
ensuring that they speak with a consistent tone.
Chairman David Bruce says “The new branding
reflects the premium quality of our beer. We
wanted a strong visual impact whilst retaining
cohesion across the range and strong heritage.”

“Colt’s work has been exceptional. It underpins our range as a premium
product and gives us the standout that’s essential in our market. We’re thrilled
by the finished product and so are our customers - sales are up and our
position as a premium brewery has been perfectly defined.”

Vicky Mills, Marketing Manager, West Berkshire Brewery.