South Point Suites is an aparthotel in central London and the
latest addition to the Starwood Captial portfolio. Designed for
longstay, it's more than just a hotel. As somewhere guests may
be based for weeks or months at a time, our brief was simple;
make them feel at home.


The SPS brand is built around the emotions of
belonging and confidence.

The sense of belonging is a human need,
just like the need for food and shelter. While
the venue obviously provides the latter, by
communicating on a deeper level SPS are able
to create desire, attachment and a powerful
bond with their consumer. This was achieved
through an authentic tone of voice that pays
attention to the little things.


Alternative Lock-up

Shorthand Logo

Colour Palette

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Headline Typeface

Body Copy Typeface

Icon Breakdown


The branding has been applied to a full suite
of materials that utilise a colour palette designed
to work in tandem with the interiors.

Brand assets have been created in the form of
colour blocks that replicate the footprint of the building, while language also plays a prominent part as various materials feature local colloquialisms, designed to introduce guests to London in a way
that avoids the usual picture-postcard cliches.

All interior photography by Tim Winter.