Renegade was formed in 2015 by West Berkshire Brewery.
With over 20 years brewing experience, a platform was needed
to create contemporary brews; somewhere their brewers can
experiment, push the flavour boundaries and trial an ever
changing selection of combos to complement their core range.

Renegade Brewery Logo Drawing


The visual language of the brand has been
designed around visual cues inherent to the
world of craft brewing. Bright accent colours,
hand finished details and bold typography
all help create a relaxed, casual tone that sits
perfectly with the target market, speaking a
language they have become familar with as the
sector has evolved.

Renegade Brewery Business Card
Renegade Brewery Logo


Renegade Brewery Shorthand


Renegade Brewery Brand Asset

Brand Asset

Renegade Brewery Colour Palette

Colour Palette

Renegade Brewery Headline Typeface

Headline Typeface

Renegade Brewery Secondary Typeface

Secondary Typeface

Renegade Brewery Supporting Typeface

Supporting Typeface

Renegade Brewery


The branding has been applied to a number of
SKUs, from 330ml bottles to 330ml cans as
well as pump badges, a full CMS website and advertising. By diversifying their range, West Berkshire Brewery have been able to target stockists that might not take their more traditional ales, opening the door to a whole new stream of income and strengthening their wider offer.

Renegade Brewery
Renegade Brewery
Renegade Brewery
Renegade Brewery
Renegade Brewery