At over 80 years old and after a few face-lifts, Quaglino’s is
firmly established as a legend of London nightlife. For its latest
incarnation we were asked to establish a glamorous, fun brand
with a bit of sex-appeal. A brand that was proud of its past but
not reliant on it; this is really a Quaglino’s for the 21st century.


A geometric wordmark that shimmers in
varying degrees of light is formed from a series
of hexagons. It’s the basis for other Art-Deco
inspired tessellated shapes and patterns.

Those elements form a clear brand language
for the venue and were subsequently projected
onto the body of a female model to give them an
alternative dimension and add a human element
to marketing material.


Mono Logo


Colour Palette

Brand Asset 1

Brand Asset 2

Brand Asset 3

Brand Asset 4

Primary Typeface

Secondary Typeface


The brand has been applied across every touchpoint
to the smallest detail, from menus to staff
cufflinks to bread box lining. Interiors (designed
by Russell Sage) follow a similar theme and work
seamlessly alongside the overall direction.

An iconic venue now has a brand that can help
it firmly re-establish itself as one of London’s
go-to destinations.