Paternoster Chop House is situated in the heart of the City
of London and right next to St Paul’s Cathedral. We were
asked to look at evolving the venue’s branding and collateral.
The quality of the food was unquestioned, but the brand was
struggling to make a similar impact. Collateral was devoid of
personality and needed new direction.


The existing wordmark was the only asset that
would remain in place but everything else was
up for grabs. While the wordmark did its job, we
saw it as an opportunity missed.

With the addition of a handle, the simple
wordmark becomes a symbol that perfectly sums
up their offer and mimics their famous window
feature - a 6ft cleaver sculpture. Sometimes the
answer really is staring you in the face.


Illustration 1

Illustration 2

Illustration 3

Primary Typeface

Secondary Typeface

Colour Palette


With the new marque established we turned
our attention to collateral. Personality was the
key. Paper stock and print finishes add a tactile
element while vintage etchings show the produce
in a new light. Subtle use of ‘Financial Times
pink’ and religious references are a nod at the
venue’s clientele and location, while heavy wood
menus echo the masculinity of the interior space.

A restaurant that was previously represented
by a simple workmark has now been given a full
identity system that will continue to evolve.

All interior photography by
Thomas Alexander Photography.