On being appointed to handle the Meantime account the brand
was at something of a crossroads. The product was undoubtedly
strong but brand communications needed to speak as one to
stockists and consumers alike. Our task was to help them find
that voice.


The creation of detailed brand guidelines,
consistent packaging and a new website helped
Meantime streamline their offer and create a
definitive narrative.

During the course of the project it had become
clear that more work was required. A new master
brand was created to modernise the existing
cartouche and aid reproduction. This was then
applied to new packaging for their 330ml bottled
beers and across all communications.



Meantime have raised the bar on British brewing
over the last 12 years, producing hugely popular,
award-winning beers. Together with the marketing
team, we have established a platform for the
brand to continue moving forward.

From draught badge to bottled beer, an exceptional
product with a story to tell now has the
platform it deserves. And it now looks as good
as it tastes.