Fashion brand Isabelle Fox is the result of a couture seamstress
grandmother and an inspired grandaughter combining trends of
the past with the needs of modern women to create a growing
range of high quality garments. Our remit was to create a brand
that set the tone and echo the union of old and new at the heart
of the offer.


A geometric, modern interpretation of a fox
is the lead symbol. This has been paired with
a vintage, Italian inspired typeface to create a
unique balance between new and old.

The brand is further supported by repeating
patterns based on a foxes den while colour
choices are soft and distinctly femine.





Brand Asset 1

Brand Asset 2

Body Copy Typeface


The brand has been applied to a range of items
including a craft paper bag with black bow
handle and card box with tissue paper inlay and
hand finishes. Spectral foils add another layer of
modernity to the fox icon across print including
robust card swing tags and business cards.

The brand has quickly gained recognition,
featuring in The Times 'Brandwatch', The
Telegraph's Lifestyle section and The Scotsman
among other publications.

All fashion photography by
Oskar Gyllenswärd.