With research pointing to a gap in the on-trade market for
an alternative juice that was premium—but not preachy —
the Frobishers brand needed to be reinvigorated by getting to
the heart of their product offer. Our job would be
differentiating their offer to make sure Frobishers weren’t just
another juice.


Our creative aims to capture the spirit of the
fruit market; the finest produce from around
the world coming together for the convenience of
the customer. The tone of voice is no-nonsense,
straight to the point and knowledgeable,
underpinned by the strapline ‘We Know Juice’
which sits below a hand-drawn wordmark
inspired by fruit packaging of old. Applied across
all consumer and trade-facing communications,
the branding has given Frobishers a platform to
establish their own place in the market.

Logo & Strapline Lock-up

Brand Asset 1

Brand Asset 2

Brand Asset 3


Stamp 1

Stamp 2

Primary Typeface

Secondary Typeface

Supporting Typeface


The strength of the brand has allowed Frobishers
to push through price increases, increasing
gross profits. The year prior to the rebrand the
company actually made a loss. Two years later
they made a six figure profit with turnover
increasing in the millions. Profit has allowed
them to reinvest in new product development,
launching Frobishers Fusion which, a direct
competitor to market leader J20 which, from a
standing start, has sold 36k cases.

“We’re delighted with the direction of the brand. Colt were able to nail down
what makes us unique as a company and translate that to every piece of
communication material they’ve touched. When we approach stockists now
it’s with a confidence that only strong branding can give you”.

Steve Carter, Sales & Marketing Director