Club is an exclusive private members area within London’s
South Place Hotel. Hidden from the public, our brief was to
create an identity that would share the same influences and
have a clear connection to the parent brand, but also be
able to establish a personality of its own.


Prior to the launch of South Place Hotel, a spy
concept had been established; various internal
locations had been given historical spy references
and it was a theme we were keen to explore.

Rather than using specific names, to continue the
concept we developed a morse code shorthand
for Club that would set it apart from the other
facilities and give members a space they could
take ownership of.


Shorthand 1

Shorthand 2

Colour Palette

Photography Treatment

Primary Typeface

Secondary Typeface


The resulting identity contains clear strands
of the South Place Hotel DNA. The use of
their colour palette, existing typography and
imagery help achieve continuity, however unique
elements used across a suite of collateral mean
that members identify with Club rather than
the larger hotel offer.

A degree of exclusivity has been achieved and
anyone offered the chance to join gets to feel
exactly that.