Busan BBQ mix big, bold Korean ingredients
with American diner classics to create a menu that bursts
with flavour, it’s authentic east meets west street cooking.
We were approached to provide them with a full branding
system that could help them stand out for all the right reasons
within the booming street food scene.


Branding fuses visual cues from South Korea and
the USA buts avoids cliches. Elements of each
flag merge to create a series of new flags while a
typographic pattern translates ancient Korean
proverbs into their strange English equivalents.
The logo is based on classic American diner
signage while the wordmark itself twists Art
Deco typography into something more Eastern.
The strapline ‘The Amerikorean Dream’ is fun
and welcoming, summing up the overall feel of
a brand that’s all about enjoying great food and


Mono Logo

Mono Shorthand

Colour Palette

Brand Asset 1

Brand Asset 2

Primary Typeface



The brand was applied to a variety of assets
including Busans 12ft trailer as they set off on
an adventure to conquer London’s leading street
food hot spots. Our work has allowed Busan
to stand out from their competitors by clearly
defining their unique offer. As a result they have
gone on to work with some of London’s leading
restaurants such as Bread Street Kitchen and The
Old Bengal Bar, through a series of successful

“Colt took the time to understand what I wanted from our branding (even when we didn’t
know ourselves!) and every single option presented to us fitted the brief exactly.
In a market that’s super-competitive, you’ll be eaten alive if you don’t have a
brand that sets you apart. And that’s exactly what Colt delivered!”

Gareth West, Owner