To run side-by-side with an interior refresh at Bluebird, we were
asked to update the branding. While the venue remained a firm
favourite with locals, it had developed a slightly new persona
following the TV show ‘Made in Chelsea’ and it was felt
that its look and feel should be brought right up to date.


We set about creating a new symbol for the
venue, blending contours of the famous Bluebird
land speed vehicle with those of an actual
bluebird. Typography has a classic London look,
utilising Edward Johnston’s ‘Johnston’ typeface
for London Underground. Accompanying collateral
uses a combination of macro photography
and graphic patterns of bluebird feathers while
shorthand symbols were also designed to further
tell the story.



Brand symbols

Colour Palette

Brand asset 1

Brand asset 2

Primary Typeface


Print collateral for the venue is finished in copper
foils while the use of various metallic stocks
mimic the glistening feathers revealed to us by
the macro photography.

With the new interior now in place we have
provided clear direction for brand Bluebird and
further communicated what it is that makes this
landmark venue just so special.