To announce the arrival of Adidas Athletics, we were asked to
create premium packaging solutions for one of the largest cross
category activations the brand has ever seen. The results would
involve individuals, teams and colleges from around the world
with over 18,000 athletes and influencers helping to generate a
buzz for the new collection. It was time to #findfocus.


The Z.N.E (zero negative energy) hoodie would
lead the launch, together with the platform
#findfocus. Our packaging enhances the
established themes, creating a 'zone' around the
contents. By using pyramid foam panels more
commonly associated with sound-proofing as
an external element, we were able to create
a unique solution previously unseen in the
market. A laser etched acrylic slipcase formed
the packaging for the U.S markets. This housed
a hinged box enclosed in more foam.


The final solutions are finished to a high
standard, with additional foil blocking to internal
plinths, belly bands and personalised envelopes.
The packaging has been a key focus on social
media platforms, with thousands of recipients
excitedly revealing their special deliveries to their
followers. The box-opening 'reveal' has been a
fundamental aspect in reinforcing the Adidas
Athletics experience, through the premium
nature of the product and the storytelling of
the concept itself.