In the summer of 2014 Adidas signed a world record £750m
deal to make Manchester United's kit for the next decade. In
the months leading up to the official launch we were asked to
consider a packaging solution for a VIP list of early recipients
that would add another dimension to the grand unveiling.


We set about working on a unique packaging
solution that would focus on the moment of
reveal, adding layers and teasers that hinted at
what might lay beneath.

A trident device and dotted ‘M’ pattern had been
created for the #BreakExpectations campaign.
These became the starting point for discussions
on foils, cuts and foams to add levels of texture
and luxury beyond the norm.


The resulting packaging is formed of two main
parts, a slipcase and a hinged box. Tactile paper
lining is silky to the touch while red, white and
black metallic foils create further levels of texture
by contrasting the finish of the stock.

Once the slipcase is removed the shirt is housed
in a black foam tray which is partially hidden by
a die-cut page, sewn into the magnetic fastening
device that seals the box.

"We're delighted with the packaging Colt have produced for us. The Manchester United
launch and Breaking Expectations campaign has been a huge focus for the brand
this year across the Globe and Colt were able to make the experience extra
special for some of Manchester United's most valued supporters."

Ben Goldhagen, Senior Manager - Team Sports