Colt were appointed to create a brand led beer that could stand out in the incredibly competitive craft market. The beers would be modern in taste
and flavour but produced to the highest traditional standards. Our brief
was to establish a visual language that could sit comfortably alongside the
competition but still find it's own distinctive voice.

Renegade Brewery Logo Drawing


The brand look and feel is very much led by the wordmark. The hand-drawn finish creates a relaxed, casual tone that sits perfectly with the target market. The stripped-back aesthetic extends across the minimal colour palette, with each product in the range having its own punchy accent colour to contrast the black and white. We've also developed details such as the bottle top icon that act as the brand shorthand, lending itself perfectly to
digital/social platforms.

Renegade Brewery Business Card
Renegade Brewery Logo


Renegade Brewery Shorthand


Renegade Brewery Brand Asset

Brand Asset

Renegade Brewery Colour Palette

Colour Palette

Renegade Brewery Headline Typeface

Headline Typeface

Renegade Brewery Secondary Typeface

Secondary Typeface

Renegade Brewery Supporting Typeface

Supporting Typeface

Renegade Brewery Bottles
Renegade Brewery


Since launching in Summer 2015 the brand has been explored across a variety of materials with excellent feedback from trade and the consumer alike. New flavours will continue to be released
in the coming year which will allow us to build
on the early work that's been produced so far.

Renegade Brewery Bottle Top
Renegade Brewery Guide
Men in Renegade Brewery Top
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